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On -The-Go Hydro Active Small Cooling Towel By Mission

Style Number: 109029


Product Description

This new on-the-go size of our original cooling towel is perfect to toss into your gym bag, briefcase, backpack, purse or pocket, so you can beat the heat wherever you go for portable cooling power.
The proprietary cooling technology works by absorbing moisture and perspiration into the fabric core where the unique radiator-like fiber construction circulates water molecules and regulates the rate of evaporation to create a prolonged cooling effect.
When activated, the soft, durable fabric cools down to 15ºC below your average body temperature and provides a cooling effect for up to 2 hours. Just wet, wring and snap to activate the towels proprietary cooling technology. Re-wet and re-snap when the cooling effect wears off as often as necessary to stay cool as long as you need.

- Proprietary technology cools to 15ºC degrees below average body temperature when wet
- Reusable and machine washable and dries soft
- UPF 50 protection against the harmful rays of the sun
- When wet, stays cool for hours
- When dry, soft and absorbent
- Chemical-free
- SIZE: 8”x30”